Jesolo and its surroundings

Places to visit near
Hotel Condor

There are plenty of things to do and places to visit near Hotel Condor. Our local area is full of cities of art, picturesque villages and attractions, all just waiting to be discovered. Our hotel is the perfect starting point to explore the many attractions and to head off on different excursions.

Jesolo events

Every summer, Jesolo organises plenty of entertainment and cultural events along the entire seafront.


During your holiday in Jesolo, you’ll have the chance to enjoy some unforgettable experiences.


As well as its seaside, Jesolo also offers lots of places to visit and attractions to discover. Whether you’re a family with small children or a couple, young or old, you’re bound to enjoy an exciting holiday.


Hotel Condor is the ideal starting point to head off on excursions to discover the famous cities of art and picturesque villages dotted around the region.