in Jesolo



15.01.2024 – 11.03.2024
The Jesolo Civic Library is the venue for three training sessions that combine theory and practice, emphasizing the importance of reading to children from their earliest months of life. This practice contributes to the building and strengthening of the parental and educational bond. The meetings, organized by the BarchettaBlu Childhood Study and Services Center, are intended for teachers, educators, parents, grandparents, and babysitters.

Political education program

16.02.2024 – 15.03.2024
The Msgr. Giovanni Marcato Cultural Association of Jesolo, in synergy with the Municipal Authority, is organizing a political education program for Jesolo residents who wish to exercise their "citizenship" in an informed, conscious and proactive manner. The program, divided into several meetings, takes place at the Palladio Hall of Jesolo's Palaturismo at 8:30 p.m. The meetings are led by Prof. Giuseppe Ieraci, professor of Political Science at the University of Trieste, and Prof. Gaia Matilde Ripamonti, teacher of European Public Policy at the University of Udine. Calendar of meetings: Feb. 16 – Evolution of the 1948 constitution through institutional reforms – Prof G.Ieraci Feb. 23 – Analysis of the party system and the electoral system – Prof G. Ieraci March 01 – The role of regions in national decision-making – Prof G.M. Ripamonti March 15 – Dialogue among political representatives You are advised to register by visiting

In St Joseph the festival

08.03.2024 – 24.03.2024
The Cà Fornera Church, with the support of Jesolo City Hall, is planning the St Joseph's Festival. From Friday to Sunday, 8 to 24 March, there will be many evenings full of music, dance and delicious food. Here is the programme: Friday 8 – Infrared Saturday 9 – Caramel Sunday 10 – Let's groove funk dance Friday 15 – Exibeat – Italian retro pop Saturday 16 – I Meloni Sunday 17 – Stefania Marchesi and Mammamia Friday 22nd – Dj Donadello and that damned voice Saturday 23rd – Stereo live Sunday 24th – Rago group Musical entertainment and the opening of the food stands will start at 6.30 p.m. For reservations, please send a whatsapp message to 351 6076362


03.04.2024 – 04.04.2024
I Pinguini Tattici Nucleari on tour on 3 and 4 April 2024 in Jesolo at the Palazzo del Turismo. Concert starts at 21. 00.


07.04.2024 – 07.04.2024
If singing is your passion, don't miss the opportunity to join the masterclass with Giuseppe Lopizzo, scheduled in Jesolo on Sunday, April 7, 2024. Giuseppe Lopizzo, a renowned singer and vocal coach, is the only official teacher in Italy associated with Brett Manning, famous for having devised the UnicaVoce approach. This technique combines one of the most famous American vocal methodologies with the traditional approach of Italian singing. For almost a decade, Lopizzo has been teaching at the Master's degree in Artistic Vocology at the University of Bologna. From 2022/23, he also teaches at the Master in Artistic Vocology of the G. Verdi Conservatory in Milan and since 2020 he collaborates as a teacher at the Art Voice Academy in Castelfranco Veneto. He also has experiences as a chorister in television programs such as the Sanremo Festival, the Republic Day and 50 Canzonissime of Rai1, collaborating with prominent artists of Italian music. The masterclass, promoted by the Cultural Association Fidelio and the Monteverdi Music School, will be held at the Tiepolo Room of the Kursaal Congress Center in Piazza Brescia in Jesolo Lido, from 10:00 to 18:00. The workshop is open to everyone, both beginners and professionals of all ages, who want to improve their singing skills. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to have an overview of vocal technique, with a focus on common problems and group warming up. In addition, there will be individual work on each piece, focusing on the technical, interpretative and stylistic aspects to be perfected. This session will be useful not only for the individual participant, but also for all the others present, who will be able to identify and address common problems, improve listening and draw inspiration applicable to their own vocality. The event has a limited number of places, with actual students and auditors. For information and reservations: e-mail: tel. 334 5246790 – 339 6741360


05.04.2024 – 08.04.2024
In spring Jesolo colours its sky with the JESOLO BEACH & KITE FESTIVAL, the second International Kite Festival. The festival is the largest in Italy: no less than one and a half kilometres of beach, over 200 kite flyers and 12 nations represented. Three days of partying on the beach with kites as protagonists and many other activities. Free kite-building workshops for both adults and children to fly with the help of kite flyers, stalls where you can buy a kite already built and ready to use, a photo contest, an art exhibition and much more. Free access. You can register for the workshops by accessing the link In the event of rain, the event will not take place.


05.05.2024 – 05.05.2024
In 2024 IRONMAN 70. 3 VENICE- JESOLO returns to Jesolo! The date is Sunday, May 5, 2024 and is confirmed as the start of the season in the Italian calendar!

Storytelling Time: Meetings in the Library

22.01.2024 – 13.05.2024
The Jesolo Public Library is planning a series of events aimed at children aged between 0 and 6 and their parents. Every month, on Mondays at 5 p.m., there will be a meeting to listen to many stories, read them together and learn about the Nati per Leggere programme, presented by volunteer readers. The municipal administration welcomes all newborn babies living in Jesolo with a wonderful book as a gift… take the opportunity to collect it from the Library!


20.06.2024 – 24.06.2024
A celebration that harks back to the past, to when the area was known as Equilium. This is why the traditional feast of the patron saint, one of the moments of greatest community involvement, is changing its name this year, modifying it with our history in mind. Here, then, is born 'Equilium in Festa'. This is the new container of events for the patron's feast, which will have its highlight, as tradition dictates, on Saturday 24 June, the day of St John the Baptist.


01.07.2024 – 01.07.2024
The 'Land of Giants' exhibition at the JMUSEO in Jesolo highlights the giant dinosaurs, the rulers of the Jurassic Era. This most comprehensive exhibition takes us on an extraordinary journey through time, discovering these creatures that ceased to exist millions of years ago.


15.08.2024 – 15.08.2024
The Ferragosto firework display is scheduled for Tuesday, 15 August 2024, at 11pm.

The artist Tananai performs in Jesolo

02.11.2024 – 02.11.2024
Tananai Live 2024, a much-anticipated tour, will officially start in Jesolo and extend to all Italian palasport venues this autumn. The first event is scheduled for Saturday 2 November 2024 at 9pm at the Palazzo del Turismo in Jesolo. The artist Tananai, a sincere and versatile singer-songwriter who gained the admiration of the public and critics in 2023, is ready to begin a new phase in his artistic career. Tickets Tickets for the tour are available through Ticketone. For more information, prices and authorised points of sale, please visit

Life in Progress B.Y.C.

26.01.2024 – 27.12.2024
The B.Y.C. Youth Centre inaugurated the 'Life in Progress' service, a monthly desk dedicated to meeting and orienting young people. This service focuses on assessing individual skills and exploring the opportunities available in the area.

In Jesolo, the Science Factory

27.01.2024 – 28.12.2024
The Science Factory is a constantly evolving place, always ready to offer you new and exciting surprises. Here, you can enjoy a playful and interactive scientific experience suitable for everyone. It is a place full of tools that will allow you to explore physics, innovation, forces of nature, energy, space, illusion and much more. Don't miss the opportunity to visit The Science Factory.

Park Tropicarium

27.01.2024 – 28.12.2024
Tropicarium Park and Science Factory exhibits are accessible every Saturday and Sunday, with uninterrupted hours from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (last admission). For more info visit